Its a Kzelliscious World!

It’s a kzelliscious World!

Back 2 Normal



I just got back to my flat here in Leicester. It’s so damn quite though I love it like this – PEACUFUL. There are certain memorable things I remember everytime I enterĀ  this room and especially when I’m sitting down this chair. I don’t know what would it make me feel like when I go to bed later, probably stupidly emotional. I was lying next to a friend the last time I slept in my bed… =p

I miss EVERYONE back home already. I didn’t want to leave Bridgend. I should’ve just stayed there. I just don’t want to be on my own again. But I have to SURVIVE – ON MY OWN. It is such a pain in the arse to come back from a vacation. I cleaned my room, washed my clothes, threw all the food in the fridge that were out of date, etc etc etc.
I don’t want to stress myself much about this. After all, it’s not a big deal to live on my own again.

For now, I need to convert my thinking back to Leicester and University Life again . Ugh.

Hopefully, this year will be better than those previous years I had. HOPEFULLY. =)

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