Its a Kzelliscious World!

It’s a kzelliscious World!

Not Right


I hate dramas you know and I am doing it right now.

I want my old life back. I need a little push to get me back on track! As I get older, I lack motivation, I lose hope, I always get bored, I don’t get along, I always want something new and different, I waste my time doing nothing and as I get older I become more and more and even more hesitant about ALMOST EVERYTHING. I feel very very uncontented. It’s so damn hard to please MYSELF.

I was chatting to a friend last night and I told her that I want to quit University. Go back home. Get a job. Save money. And travel. Something that I am so tempted to do (it’s like a box full of chocolates!). I need to know where the hell I am going and what direction I am heading.

So so so. The only person I know, who can help me get out of this side and move on to the other is none other than…………. *Drums* MYSELF!!!!!!!!!

I have so many plans that I really really want to do, crazy enough I even made myself a BUCKET LIST.

-Go back to the gym
-Bake a cake (Haven’t tried this. lol)
-Leave the world of vegetarians and eat a BIG MAC
-Smack a manager before leaving my part-time job
-Do a volunteer work
-Scuba dive
-Drive down Metro Manila Road
-Get drunk and kiss a girl
-Cut my wrist and get confined
-Rob a bank and get jailed
-Fart and burp loud during a lecture
-Eat a dog
-Do the cha cha
-The fuck am i saying????

I’m crazy/////

Anyways, apologies for this very useless post.
Will post again when I’m back to Normal.

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“Not Right”

  1. On January 16th, 2009 at 8:33 am Fei Says:

    I love Big Mac. It’s l-o-v-e. lol. Haven’t you ever tasted meat since, like ever? That must be boring. lmao. Is that with your religion or you’re just really vegetarian? Just curious. wehe.

    Not all people like school. Graduates don’t get any guaranteed jobs too. So, I’m with you. lol. But have to deal with it for a while. haha

  2. On January 19th, 2009 at 10:45 pm kzell Says:

    I used to love meat. lol
    I’ve only been a pescan for 3years and I never crave meat or chicken. Glad I still include fish on my diet though. :D

    I agree with that. There are hell loads of teenagers in this place who left school and are working and they seem to be having more fun than those who are in school/uni. lol

  3. On January 20th, 2009 at 7:23 am mella Says:

    dad and i had a discussion about you driving in Manila just last week. He said there’s no way you’ll come out with scratch free car at the end of the day hahahaha… PERMIT MUNA from him bago ka mgplan dian :-p

  4. On January 20th, 2009 at 11:22 am d0nz Says:

    kambal ayos yang bucket list mo..hahaha..get drunk and kiss a girl!! trust me ayaw mong gawin un lol!! pagsisihan mo lol

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