Its a Kzelliscious World!

It’s a kzelliscious World!

Quorn with sweet chilli sauce


I’ve been a pesco-vegetarian for almost 3 years now. Pesco-vegetarian is a person who eats any combination of veggies, fruit, nuts, beans, fish and seafoods but will not eat mammals or birds. I seldom eat eggs but I do include milk, only skimmed milk on my diet.

Today, I made myself a meal which is low fat but very tasty.

Ingredients used:
Quorn chicken style pieces
Chilli sauce from mcdos
Pinch of salt

Trust me, it is very delicious indeed. I’ve learned about this dish when I was still in school. Every Thursday, the dinner ladies will serve this dish. They normally serve it with chips/oven baked fries but today, I had it with wholegrain bread.

The main ingredient is the QUORN CHICKEN STYLE PIECES that I bought from Iceland before. Quorn (from wikipedia site) is the leading brand of mycoprotein food product in the UK and a leading brand elsewhere. Mycoprotein is a generic term for protein-rich foodstuffs made from processed edible fungus.
P. S Personally, I quite don’t like this definition especially the word fungus. Eeeek.
I also used Chilli Sauce from Mcdonalds because this is the best chilli sauce I have ever tasted. :smile:

For more info about QUORN click here.

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Seafoods Sarciado


I had my last lecture at 4pm today and so I have plenty of time to cook a ‘proper-ish’ food for myself. I am craving vegetables for dinner but when I went to Marks & Spencer after my lecture I was disappointed (but not surprised) with the prices of their vegatables. So I had no choice but to just walked out of that freaking store.
Somehow, I managed to buy myself a ready-to-eat selection of seafoods which was on clearance btw because it has to be cooked TODAY. It consists of shrimp, rings of squid and scallops.

I went home and made myself an ‘invented’ meal.

My ingredients were:
-butter (instead of oil)
-pinch of salt

I saw this video of how to make Sarciado and I got the idea from there. The only difference (I think) is that I used seafoods instead of fish and I didn’t put ginger and or fish sauce.

This was the end product:

I have NO idea what to call this dish but the title will do.
It was very delicious :lol: FOR ME and it did fill me up so I am happy. :grin:

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