Its a Kzelliscious World!

It’s a kzelliscious World!

Nickelback @ Sheffield


It was the second time I saw them live in concert and I wasn’t surprised with how everything went really amazing that night. I lost my voice the next day. I screamed more than I did the first time I went to see them. I was crazy the whole night and enjoyed every second of it.



…………..I was very disappointed about what happened to me few hours before the concert. I was very sure that everything I need was on my suitcase. Little did I know, I left the very most important thing I have to bring to the concert. THE TICKETS. THE FREAKING CONCERT TICKETS!! We only had few minutes left before our train to Sheffield arrives and my friend asked me about the concert tickets. I couldn’t believe it when only that time I realized that I left them on my study table. My heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was about to pop out. Lucky my friend asked me about the tickets before we got into the train otherwise it would be a complete disaster…!!! I had to go back to my flat to get them and for that we needed to catch the next train which was about an hour wait. We only had less than 2 hours left when we arrived in Sheffield to check ourselves in into the hotel and get ourselves ready.

I was very disappointed with myself but finally calmed myself down when I saw Nickelback coming out of the stage. It was a very memorable day indeed though we really haven’t had the chance to go around and explore Sheffield. Time was too precious for us and we needed to go back to Leicester before 3pm the next day.

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