Its a Kzelliscious World!

It’s a kzelliscious World!

Waving goodbye..


Next week I will be going back to Wales. :) My exams are finally over. My first year in University went really fast and I didn’t even realized until now that I am officially on a vacation, for FIVE AWESOME MONTHS! It just feels so good to wake up every morning and not think about revising for an exam, doing a coursework or even planning what to wear to Uni the night before a lecture. I can now wake up anytime I want (except when I am working) and even not go to bed at all and just spend the whole night surfing the net, watching movies and the like. I can be a NORMAL human being again. LOL! I have to say that I was under so much pressure during exam revisions. But still I am happy for the fact that I have a feeling, I did well on my exams. (Yey! Go me!) I would be such a saddo to say that I will miss the library to bits! Haha! But really, I will. LOL And of course I am going to miss my friends too.

Yesterday, I waved goodbye to the pescan world. I had chicken curry for dinner. It tasted chicken! After 3 years of refraining myself from eating meat, I am now again an omnivore. I am still trying to convince myself, slowly, to eat pork and beef though. For now, chicken and fish would do me good. :)

What’s for breakfast tomorrow? Hmmmm. Chicken! LOL

Neyo experience



I’m back to blogging. I had problems with my site. Every time I open it, I am always welcomed by a blank page. Thanks to Ate and Kuya Rudel for fixing it. And thanks for the back-up they have; otherwise I will be saying goodbye to my site. :sad:

I was out with my new friends last Saturday night. We went to Zanzibar to see Neyo. It was OK. It’s just that he could’ve sung at least 2 songs…?? I’m guessing Zanzi could not afford to pay him to stay longer. I paid £16 for one song –Miss Independent (????). The dance floor was way too crowded. I couldn’t even bloody move. I actually even thought that there’s going to be a stampede (scared much) because of the constant pushing from the back. =p I felt like I was in a swimming pool, waving swimming pool. We left the dance floor few minutes before Neyo came out. We were a bit gutted we left but if we didn’t one of us have probably fainted. We still saw him, but we weren’t really that close to him.

Pero okay lang, (medyo) nakita at narinig ko naman si Neyo.

I want to go to his concert one day. I am not really a fan of him, I just like his songs. And concert is much better. I am planning to go and see couple of concerts this year too. On my list so far is Nickelback and Jason Mraz; both will be performing in Birmingham. Can’t wait! :D

Photos from Jen’s camera:





Running around in circles


I am really not liking the way  I organized my timetable to fit all the things that I need to do. I am annoyed with how I manage things. And I am absolutely hating the WORKLOADS. In short – I am not happy -
Most people tell me to enjoy my first year in University because when I get to 2nd and worst 3rd year of this course, I will not be able to enjoy much of myself as the workloads will be doubled or even tripled. But I wonder how other Freshers like me are feeling? Are they loving their first year? Are they all stressed out with all the Uni works? Do they attend or missed lectures and tutorials? Are they meeting all their deadlines? Do they like or even love the nightlife? Well…. I asked myself all these questions last night and I don’t even know the answer…=p

I pitty myself for not making the most of this University life thinggy (so far). I am not (yet) 100% motivated. There are a lot of things going on behind my back that I still need to sort out. Even more things ahead of me to be aware at. Everytime I intentionally don’t do Uni work, I just always tell myself “It’s fine, YOU need  time”.  Worst is, I keep telling that to myself EVERY SINGLE DAY. And now what?? I have all these work piled up on my desk -yet again-. I know that I won’t go anywhere if I don’t motivate myself. I NEED TO FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS and I NEED PURE CONCENTRATION, MOTIVATION and ENTHUSIASM.

BHANGRA – a taste of India


I went to the bar last night with some of my (newfound) friends from University. I didn’t go to this bar during fresher’s week so I said “why not try”. The building is divided into two rooms. One is called LIQUID and the other ENVY.

I went down my friend’s flat /room hall before going to the club and I must say I am so jealous because it is bigger than where I am staying at right now.=p She was playing this RNB music on her ipod and I asked her if those were the type of songs they play in that bar. And she said, “well sort of but we are going to be dancing with BHANGRA music. And to my horror :shock: , I asked her “what do you mean BHANGRA?!” (OMG. This is going to be a nightmare). It is just because I haven’t been to a bar that play’s BHANGRA music. It’s always Techno and RNB but I prefer the latter. Then I asked her to play a BHANGRA music. Not with so much surprise, I knew that it is more like Indian music type of thing BUT unknown by me, with a mix of RNB beat. I asked her if she could understand the words (She is an Asian-Indian btw) and she said “Kind of, but you don’t have to listen to the lyrics, you just got to dance with the beat. :lol:

And off we go to the club with even more Indian/Pakistan people around me. (I have nothing against them btw, it’s just weird.) We went to envy. And I must say, party animals were all over the place. And the music?! “GOSH. I’M GLAD I CAME HERE.” I told myself.

Bhangra (RNB) music is really cool. The dancefloor was packed with people, including us, dancing, screaming, raising their hands, doing weird-crazy yet amazing dance moves etc. I couldn’t believe it. The music playing at the ENVY bar was way way cooler than that at the LIQUID bar. We dance and dance and dance for 3hours on the dancefloor, nonstop. It was hell of an experience and I felt like I was in India that night.

The music, was totally unexpectedly cool, very very lively and so much fun.
The people were very lively, they did some sort of Indian/Pakistan moves which I btw totally loved!
This is an example of the music we were dancing with but with a really really loud BASS and BEAT.

Some photos:

For some, they mind find that this totally sucks, but TRUST me, you got to experienced it first before saying anything. =)

lectures VS tutorials


The first time I saw the word “Tutorial” on my course handbook programme, I lost interest on it. It is somehow not what I want to do and never ever liked doing. Its about: working on groups, doing presentations, asking and aswering questions bla bla bla.
But based from the two (so far) tutorials I’ve been to this week, tutorials are now officially my favorite teaching method for a number of reasons.

First: Working with groups. I am totally not cool with working with others about a certain subject. I’d rather do things on my own, working in my own time and space, not arguing with others on how to work things out, I hate being told what to do etc. I just basically want to help and work with my own ME. But yesterday’s tutorial was really fun. I was in this group consisting of four members including myself and oh boi! I love my groupmates. They are so much fun to work with and I think (and really hope) that I am not going to have any problems whatsoever with them when doing certain tasks.

Second: Presentations. This is what I hate most about learning. Discussing or presenting to an audience of staff/students. It is not totally cool and not the nicest feeling of all to stand infront of a crowd and try and make them understand each of the words coming out of your mouth. Just imagine the feeling of PGMA addressing her SONA (Oh so thats maybe a different situtaion). But what about a singer in a concert or a show; that’s why its no wonder why some of them can totally get humiliated. :oops:
We did a little presentation yesterday, and I must say, it was the best presentation I’ve ever done. Simply because the nerves weren’t actually there. It was just me and the audience. No more. No less.

Today’s tutorial is different from yesterdays’ apart from one thing. FUN.
It was FUN. Everyone inside the room is smiling. Laughing. Chatting with their seatmate like they’ve known each other since they were even born but actually they’ve only met when – today??
We had this task to do (about learning how to use your calculator using STATS mode, which I’ve already done before btw). I was sitting next to this mature student and he hasn’t got a calculator with him and so I have to share mine. He is an old guy (according to him). He used to work in a bank, did accounts before and had an experience on business and that. But he hasn’t got a single clue on what we are actually doing. And so I had to help him. The look on his face everytime he does something right is unexplainable. He was so amazed on how those data entered on the calculator worked out so right. :lol: (Don’t know why though) Probably because he haven’t done STATS before thats why he is so amazed by himself everytime he gets an answer right or maybe….. I don’t know.
And we made a deal. I am going to help him with STATISTICS (from my experience) and he is going to help me with our ACCOUNTS subject. How cool is that. Uber :cool:
But honestly, I never like STATS. I will only lie to myself if I am going to say I LOVE STATS. I HATE IT. But not more than I hate MECHANICS. :roll:

And now I am off to check my timetable. And I hope that I have loads of tutorials this month. :smile:

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