Its a Kzelliscious World!

It’s a kzelliscious World!

Hello Insomnia! We meet again!


I haven’t had enough sleep since like forever. There are so many things running around my head though I think I am having a great February. I went to London few weeks ago to celebrate valentines with friends. I wanted to stay there longer but I had to go back here in Leicester to catch up with Uni works. I am starting to feel very pressured right now. There are so many courseworks to hand in and exams to revise for. Speaking of exams, mine starts on the 30th April, 3 days after coming back from Easter break. The good news is, I will be having my last exam on the 13th May, which is freaking awesome! I won’t be coming back to Uni until October then. Haha! Yes, BWAHAHAHAHA!
I have been very very busy lately. My friends came over to visit me. We had a fab time together: travelling from one place to another, shopping, pigging out, clubbing, laughing our arses out as loud as we could, etc. etc. We went back to Wales together and I spent my weekend with family and some of my other friends. It felt different though because instead of wanting to stay there, I couldn’t wait to go back here in Leicester. Lol
I never felt so tired in my life before. All my sleepless nights are catching up on me. And also, I am ill. I just need to rest and if possible, I want to sleep FOREVER but hell I CAN’T! ?
And looking at the photos we’ve taken, there’s only one thing that came across my mind. I NEED TO HAVE A COMPLETE WARDROBE TRANSFORMATION. The clothes I’m wearing are so out of fashion. It’s not really essential, but I feel the need to do so. You know what a woman’s like when she’s 20. :)


Anyhow, until next time!

Neyo experience



I’m back to blogging. I had problems with my site. Every time I open it, I am always welcomed by a blank page. Thanks to Ate and Kuya Rudel for fixing it. And thanks for the back-up they have; otherwise I will be saying goodbye to my site. :sad:

I was out with my new friends last Saturday night. We went to Zanzibar to see Neyo. It was OK. It’s just that he could’ve sung at least 2 songs…?? I’m guessing Zanzi could not afford to pay him to stay longer. I paid £16 for one song –Miss Independent (????). The dance floor was way too crowded. I couldn’t even bloody move. I actually even thought that there’s going to be a stampede (scared much) because of the constant pushing from the back. =p I felt like I was in a swimming pool, waving swimming pool. We left the dance floor few minutes before Neyo came out. We were a bit gutted we left but if we didn’t one of us have probably fainted. We still saw him, but we weren’t really that close to him.

Pero okay lang, (medyo) nakita at narinig ko naman si Neyo.

I want to go to his concert one day. I am not really a fan of him, I just like his songs. And concert is much better. I am planning to go and see couple of concerts this year too. On my list so far is Nickelback and Jason Mraz; both will be performing in Birmingham. Can’t wait! :D

Photos from Jen’s camera:





And so I did


I felt different when I woke up today. I had so many things in my mind before I went to bed last night. I had a day off from University today. :grin:

Things I did yesterday and today

- I joined the gym. The best thing I’ve done so far since September. To be honest, working out is something I really missed the most. I am very absolute that this is going to be beneficial to me as it will give me energy to do other things. And besides I love running and cycling! :smile:

-I handed-in two CVs. I hate my part-time job more than anything so I decided it’s time to get a new one. I applied in 1) House of fraser 2) Uppercrust
Hopefully they will get back to me asap. Wish me luck.

-Got myself a ticket to Zanzi Bar. Why Zanzi Bar? NEYO WILL BE PERFORMING. Tickets for the PCD and Neyo concert in CIA was sold out. My friend and I are very disappointed and so I opt for Neyo’s afterparty instead of doing nothing this coming Saturday. I will be out with my lovely friends. *Excited*

-I bought myself a pair of lovely shoes.
[spoiler /A pair of Ninewest wedges for £19/ /yes please!/]wedges [/spoiler]
Aren’t they gorgeous???

-Went to the Church
While I was in the Church waiting for the mass, a drunk old man entered the church and started screaming and shouting. And he keeps asking “Where is your God? Where is your God?”. He seems a bit lost. Bless him..

I need to get myself back on track. I am not making the most out of this life which is very bad. I just want to stop worrying too much and enjoy every minute of mylife.

Each day’s a gift and not a given right.

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Not Right


I hate dramas you know and I am doing it right now.

I want my old life back. I need a little push to get me back on track! As I get older, I lack motivation, I lose hope, I always get bored, I don’t get along, I always want something new and different, I waste my time doing nothing and as I get older I become more and more and even more hesitant about ALMOST EVERYTHING. I feel very very uncontented. It’s so damn hard to please MYSELF.

I was chatting to a friend last night and I told her that I want to quit University. Go back home. Get a job. Save money. And travel. Something that I am so tempted to do (it’s like a box full of chocolates!). I need to know where the hell I am going and what direction I am heading.

So so so. The only person I know, who can help me get out of this side and move on to the other is none other than…………. *Drums* MYSELF!!!!!!!!!

I have so many plans that I really really want to do, crazy enough I even made myself a BUCKET LIST.

-Go back to the gym
-Bake a cake (Haven’t tried this. lol)
-Leave the world of vegetarians and eat a BIG MAC
-Smack a manager before leaving my part-time job
-Do a volunteer work
-Scuba dive
-Drive down Metro Manila Road
-Get drunk and kiss a girl
-Cut my wrist and get confined
-Rob a bank and get jailed
-Fart and burp loud during a lecture
-Eat a dog
-Do the cha cha
-The fuck am i saying????

I’m crazy/////

Anyways, apologies for this very useless post.
Will post again when I’m back to Normal.

Back 2 Normal



I just got back to my flat here in Leicester. It’s so damn quite though I love it like this – PEACUFUL. There are certain memorable things I remember everytime I enter  this room and especially when I’m sitting down this chair. I don’t know what would it make me feel like when I go to bed later, probably stupidly emotional. I was lying next to a friend the last time I slept in my bed… =p

I miss EVERYONE back home already. I didn’t want to leave Bridgend. I should’ve just stayed there. I just don’t want to be on my own again. But I have to SURVIVE – ON MY OWN. It is such a pain in the arse to come back from a vacation. I cleaned my room, washed my clothes, threw all the food in the fridge that were out of date, etc etc etc.
I don’t want to stress myself much about this. After all, it’s not a big deal to live on my own again.

For now, I need to convert my thinking back to Leicester and University Life again . Ugh.

Hopefully, this year will be better than those previous years I had. HOPEFULLY. =)

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